Unity’s “Spring Into Spring Sale”

Spring Sale Banner, courtesy of assetstore.unity.com

So, once again Unity has a sale happening on their asset store. What’s different this time around you ask? Well, not much really. It’s a 50% off sale as usual, however, if you have an order of $100usd or more you can get an extra 5% off (sale items only) using the coupon code SPRING2021, but there’s more, if you spend $150usd or more you can get an extra 10% off the on-sale purchases in your cart.

There are also daily deals happening. Today (13-APR-2021 Aussie time) the daily deal is GeNa pro, a level design tool from a very popular suite of terrain tools by Procedural Worlds. I use their ambient sounds plugin (not included afaik), it’s great.

Ah so, yep, that’s pretty much all there is to know about the sale, there’s no end date listed, so I’ll assume that it is until Apr 30 when the coupon expires.

If you’re stuck in the world of all the sweet assets on sale and don’t know which to get, here’s a bunch that I highly recommend.

  • DoTween Pro ($7.50 + tax) The best animation extension tool for unity.
  • Beautify 2 ($22.50 + tax), HDRP integration sold separately + not on sale.
  • Bakery GPU Lightmapper ($27.50 + tax) I’d say this is pretty much a must have for any 3D game.
  • Amplify Bundle ($55 + tax) Includes Amplify Shader Editor, LUT Pack and Amplify Impostors
  • Rainbow Folders 2 ($10 + tax) This is probably the best productivity assisting plugin about.
  • Pro Camera 2D ($20 + tax) The best 2D camera solution about especially for pixel art games.
  • Master Audio ($25 + tax) I would say this is the best audio control solution available, a bit tricky to get started with, as you need to know a little bit about audio engineering and signal flow.
  • Gley Mobile Tools ($30 + tax) This effectively is the working version of what Easy Mobile Pro claims to do. Do not ever buy Easy Mobile Pro, you’ll just have issue upon issue without support, and this isn’t just a personal opinion.

Gley’s tools are without a doubt the best integration for anything mobile, Ads(GDPR compliant), IAP, Achievements, Notifications, Daily Rewards, Localization(wouldn’t use this there’s better out there but if you’re in a pinch it’s very handy).

  • Sensor Toolkit ($10 + tax) a grand collection of sensors to assist with AI development or really anything that needs detecting.
  • SLATE ($22.50 + tax) is by far the best cutscene tool I’ve ever come across on the store, it has integrations for Dialogue System for Unity, LipSync, FinalIK, Alembic Importer, Post Processing Stack V2, SALSA, Playmaker, and more. It also has the ability to render the cutscenes to an MP4 file if you want to do some sweet marketing videos within the engine and yes, it is VR Supported!

Well, that list is quite incomplete when regarding all the assets available, I highly recommend all of those plugins I’ve listed above as I have personally used them. Anyways, you should go check out the hundreds of other assets on sale to see if anything piques your interest. Click here to head over!




A new indie game studio based in NT Aus. Currently solo developing the NecoreSeries & Managing “Vantraheim” (group project) | https://outbackgames.com.au

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Outback Games

Outback Games

A new indie game studio based in NT Aus. Currently solo developing the NecoreSeries & Managing “Vantraheim” (group project) | https://outbackgames.com.au

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