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LET THERE BE QUESTS! — Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog #2

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Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog #2: So, This week was probably the most productive of this month, I managed to get the base quest and dialogue components back and integrated into the new Redux Edition.

Sure, I still have to make new UI for it as currently it does not fit quite well with the rest of the UI or game but we’re right on track with where the game is supposed to go. If you’re wondering yes, I did change the name of the channel, but the branding will change later.

I have changed just the YouTube branding to better reflect the kind of content being made here, but it does not tie directly with my business this channel is for a fun progression and I do not wish to have to seem professional or formal because the studio’s brand is here.

SO without further ado, I present to you, “Scotty’s Game Development”! The other Aussie Game Dev, living in the tropical heat of the northern strayan sun.

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