Let There Be Bugs! Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 3 #devlogmonday

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1 min readMar 1, 2021


Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 3 Thumbnail.
Let There Be Bugs! Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 3

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Game Dev Log Episode №3:
This week was a cluster duck…
You know how you have those weeks where you’re plugging along
making great progress and then wham out of nowhere you get
a glowing red hot bar railed into you?
Yeah that was this week, I should have expected it really…

After a nice relaxing weekend out, slathered in sunscreen and still getting sunburned,
I returned to work on the game, to find that the save system
that was previously working fantastically had now broke itself
and the topdownengine’s character controller had also broke.
Keep in mind I hadn’t touched the project over the weekend, so to find
that it had broke completely on monday really rustled my jimmies
and broke my head.

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01:15 — Jabby Jab
01:30 — Broken Stuff
01:50 — More Stuff

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