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As this fortnight’s video has been pushed to next Monday the 19th of April (Aussie time) because unfortunately I have been far too busy to edit a proper video.

Here’s a video showcasing a little bit on the progress that’s been made.

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Spring Sale Banner, courtesy of assetstore.unity.com

So, once again Unity has a sale happening on their asset store. What’s different this time around you ask? Well, not much really. It’s a 50% off sale as usual, however, if you have an order of $100usd or more you can get an extra 5% off (sale items only) using the coupon code SPRING2021, but there’s more, if you spend $150usd or more you can get an extra 10% off the on-sale purchases in your cart.

There are also daily deals happening. Today (13-APR-2021 Aussie time) the daily deal is GeNa pro, a level design tool from a very…

Necore Tower — Devlog Episode 6

Well it has been officially two weeks since the last devlog video. Let’s see what Asif and I have been up to…

Wishlist Necore Tower — Redux Edition on Steam 🧙‍♂️👌: ►►https://store.steampowered.com/app/1516340/

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  • 00:00 Start of Clip
  • 03:48 Elevator Music — (Had to cut some footage)
  • 08:50 End of Video (old)

Welcome to episode 5 where visual additions are plenty. Well, almost…

Come, watch this week’s Necore Tower Indie Game Devlog Episode. We’ll have some half arsed memes and some VR too. So yeah sit back, relax and let Scotty take you for a ride.

Visit The Website 🥛🤏: ►► https://outbackgames.com.au


  • 00:00​ — Dramatic Cinema Intro
  • 00:15​ — Devlog Start
  • 01:26​ — Some VR Stuff
  • 01:58​ — Devlog Ends

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 4 Thumbnail

Goodbye Bugg-o’s! Necore Tower Redux Edition (Game Devlog) — Episode 4: In a world devastated by software bugs and patchy Technical Documentation, there are but a few who stand to challenge them, and emerge successful.

Long ago, about a week in the past, two big project halting bugs appeared in the development of Necore Tower.

Armed with just his trusty keyboard and his dwindling wits, Scotty set out to break free of these titan’s wrath. Beaten down, time and time again, all looked hopeless to make progress in the next week, that is until, from the darkness leapt a…

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 3 Thumbnail.
Let There Be Bugs! Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 3

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Game Dev Log Episode №3:
This week was a cluster duck…
You know how you have those weeks where you’re plugging along
making great progress and then wham out of nowhere you get
a glowing red hot bar railed into you?
Yeah that was this week, I should have expected it really…

After a nice relaxing weekend out, slathered in sunscreen and still getting sunburned,
I returned to work on the game, to find that the save system
that was previously working fantastically had now…

Just a lil somthin’ somthin’ for you kids out there. (Unity Logo is a trademark of Unity 3D).

G’day lads, not often is there an article from developers detailing what third party tools they use or recommend because they have used them. So, let’s change that.

In this post I’ll cover five of the most handy Unity assets I use in almost all of my projects, paid and free. Hopefully this will help you setup your project, get more organised or even just make your life easier as a game developer.

Let’s Begin!

Number 5: DoTween

DoTween is a fantastic animation tool, there is both a free version and a paid version available.

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog Episode 2 Thumbnail

Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog #2: So, This week was probably the most productive of this month, I managed to get the base quest and dialogue components back and integrated into the new Redux Edition.

Sure, I still have to make new UI for it as currently it does not fit quite well with the rest of the UI or game but we’re right on track with where the game is supposed to go. If you’re wondering yes, I did change the name of the channel, but the branding will change later.

I have changed just the YouTube…

LET THERE BE GAME 🧙‍♂️ *magic sound* — Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog #1


Necore Tower — Redux Edition Devlog #1: A new year is upon us, and if you’re returning and wondering where I’ve been, what I have been doing and why the videos are all pretty much gone from the channel, I’ll discuss that towards the end of the video as I would like to start with the more positive side of things, and that being, the new Necore Tower Redux Edition development. YEAH!

Guys I am so pumped for this development and I have…

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A new indie game studio based in NT Aus. Currently solo developing the NecoreSeries & Managing “Vantraheim” (group project) | https://outbackgames.com.au

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